Jason Verge from www.datacenterknowledge.com wrote about the launch of the Open Cloud Alliance and gives a summary of expectations for its further development.


[…] OCA provides a single open source platform which integrates with many open source enterprise software solutions, including a single identity management solution. The aim is to make users less dependent on the large providers, a message that resonates in the European market.

Being born out of this mindset might be a very good thing. Open source has moved from alternative to prime time, so that part of the equation is a no-brainer. However, OCA’s Europe-centric take on data privacy is an interesting wrinkle. Will it be able to expand its influence beyond Germany? The question is answered by whether or not you think the world will move toward or away from current data concerns. […]

The article was first published on November 24th 2014 on www.datacenterknowledge.com

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