Mike Vizard writes on talkincloud.com about the creation of the new Open Cloud Alliance by Univention and partners and their objectives such as to reduce open source software costs and to ensure interoperability of all software offered in the cloud.


[…] The challenge is finding a way to maintain the interoperability of all that software. With that goal in mind IBM and Univention have formed the Open Cloud Alliance (OCA), a consortium that is dedicated to reducing the cost of open source interoperability of open source software deployed in cloud computing environments.

At the core of this effort is a Univention Corporate Server (UCS) directory based on an implementation of Debian Linux that is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory. The management layer of that environment is based on IBM Cloud Manager, a distribution of the OpenStack cloud management framework. The hardware reference architecture is based on the x86 servers that IBM recently sold to Lenovo. Other members of OCA include ownCloud, a provider of open source file synchronization software, Open-Xchange, a provider of open source collaboration software, and Zarafa, a provider of an open source email server. […]

The article was first published on November 28, 2014 and can be found on www.talkincloud.com.

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