Services for Windows (Samba)

With the native component “Services for Windows”, UCS offers Microsoft Active Directory-compatible services for the administration of Microsoft Windows systems (servers and clients) including file, print and network services. UCS can offer Active Directory services itself, be a member of an Active Directory domain or synchronise objects between an AD domain and a UCS domain.

As such, “Services for Windows” allows optimal and effective management of Microsoft Windows systems with UCS as the Active Directory-compatible domain controller. Further applications in the Univention App Center allow connection to Active Directory and simple migration of entire AD domains.

Visualisierung Active Directory UCS
UCS und samba

Samba Integration in UCS

The central component of “Services for Windows” is the software Samba, which can be installed from the App Center using the Univention App “Active Directory-compatible domain controller”. Together with other UCS components such as the UCS directory service or the services for network and IP management, Windows environments can be expanded with UCS domains at any time and then with different applications from the Univention App Center in a second stage. Samba offers a separate LDAP directory service, which is synchronised with the UCS-LDAP by a system service within UCS.

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