Mail and Groupware

UCS optionally makes mail services available which can be accessed by both mail clients and webmail applications. The mail server component is also available in the Univention App Center. It is installed with just a few clicks Mail services replicate the function of a complete mail server (SMTP, POP, IMAP), making it possible to send and receive e-mails via UCS and forward in-house e-mails. The mailboxes for incoming mails are provided via the IMAP and POP3 protocols for which Dovecot is used.
The administration, such as the assignment of e-mail addresses or users aliases, is performed centrally via the UCS management system as usual.
In addition, the Univention App Center also offers a whole range of different collaboration and groupware solutions for UCS.

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How to Povide Central Mail Services in Univention Corporate Server
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