Domain Management with UCS

Univention Corporate Server allows the simple, cross-platform administration of domains and entire IT infrastructures with a shared trust context between Linux and Windows systems.

The administration of users, groups, server and desktop systems, networks or email accounts and a whole range of other aspects of IT infrastructures can be performed both via the web-based interface of the Univention Management Console and via the command line. Scripting interfaces are available to automate recurring tasks and to set up extension APIs.The stable basis for domain administration is the OpenLDAP directory service. In here UCS saves all the data from across the domain. Windows-based clients can be mounted using the Active Directory-compatible services in UCS. Alternatively, integration with existing Active Directory domains via the UCS component Active Directory Connector is also possible.

Univention YouTube Channel
How to Administer User in UCS (Univention Corporate Server)
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Univention YouTube Channel
How to Administer Clients in Univention Corporate Server (UCS)
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