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Increase your Logon security!

Increase your security by adding a second factor to the login at your VPN, remote access, SSH connections, websites, the local Windows desktop or the Univention Management Console!

This way you prevent rogue access to your network and your data. At the same time you can create an audit of the allowed access events and stop simple password sharing between employees.

privacyIDEA is a modern authentication system for two factor authentication. Originally it was used for OTP authentication devices. Now also other "devices" like challenge response, SSH keys, Yubikeys, x.509 certificates and the TiQR App can be managed.

privacyIDEA supports offline OTP.


You can evaluate privacyIDEA with up to 20 users for up to 3 month. Create your individual subscription file. In addition you get half an hour of free support. Thus you can test the software but also the support by NetKnights.

For productive installations there are different Service-Level-Agreements offered by NetKnights

Complementary Apps

  • privacyIDEA PAM
    NetKnights GmbH
    PAM component for privacyIDEA
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UCS Source packages and contribution

UCS is a software appliance. The source packages contain the complete source code of the in-house developments and the software taken over by Debian GNU/Linux. The license is documented in the source packages.

You can find the source code of the in-house developments in a GIT Repository where also contribution to the further development of UCS is possible.

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