Pilotrojekt BILDUNGSLOGIN: Logos Univention und Verband Bildungsmedien

In cooperation with the Verband Bildungsmedien e.V. we will continue to improve digitization in education. The association has commissiones us to connect our identity management of UCS@school with their license management BILDUNGSLOGIN as part of a pilot project. It intends to provide teachers and pupils with simple access to digital educational media in compliance with data protection laws.

The piloting will take place with selected school authorities, starting in the school year 2021/2022. Afterward, BILDUNGSLOGIN will be connected to all leading public and private school administration and learning management systems.

Pioneering step for digitization in education

“Digitisation in education must continue to develop even after the end of the pandemic. Therefore, we see it as our task to do everything we can to enable schools, school authorities, and publishers to network better. To this end, we are developing an open, flexible, and easy-to-implement standard on behalf of the VBM. Users will be able to access all media licensed for them quickly, easily, and in compliance with data protection laws. This way, schools and school authorities will benefit from the great variety of offers of the educational media publishers,”says our CEO Peter Ganten in order to explain the partnership.

“Educational media publishers offer a wide range of digital teaching and learning media that are used in schools every day,” explains Christoph Pienkoß, Managing Director of Verband Bildungsmedien e. V. “More and more states and municipalities, as well as the federal government, are creating the conditions for this: They are investing in the necessary infrastructure, creating security in data protection, and shaping the administrative framework. Now it is especially about the simple administration and use of educational media licenses in schools.”

What`s behind Bildungslogin 2.0?

Media licenses always assign to individual users or groups of users, such as classes or academic years. With BILDUNGSLOGIN, the management and use of these licenses integrate into the identity management systems of school boards and schools. Such systems as UCS@school are already in use at several federal states, numerous school authorities, and individual schools or are currently developing more intensively. Univention and the Verband Bildungsmedien are making a standard for allocating licenses to user groups of these identity management systems with an easy-to-use interface for exchanging licensing information.

The advantages of BILDUNGSLOGIN

The intermediary component between schools and publishers of BILDUNGSLOGIN is developed as an open system and published under an open-source license (AGPLV3). Users only need to log in once with their school account (single sign-on) to use the system. In the interests of the data economy, the software transmits the data required for the authorization check in pseudonymized form. After successful authentication, it enables the convenient use of the licensed content – but without using the person’s real name. Using the mediation service is free of charge for schools and school boards and is open to all interested providers of digital educational media in the medium term.

Single Sign-On Schaubild

The increasing number of programs that employees in companies have to deal with day in, day out makes their work not only easier but also increasingly more complex. We would now like to take this opportunity to explain how you can make work easier for your employees with single sign-on technology and keep your data safer from external attacks at the same time. …mehr lesen »

Test phase and outlook

The pilot phase will initially take place with selected municipalities and schools. After the test phase, teachers and pupils, who already use UCS@school, could access the extensive range of content licensed for them in a very short time. At the same time, it implements one of the great advantages of open source software: Other identity management systems can also very easily integrate access to digital educational media offerings through the standardized and open interface.

If you want to know more about Verband Bildungsmedien an about BILDUNGSLOGIN please visit www.bildungsmedien.de.

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