Number of apps available increases by 60 per cent in one year

The Univention App Center is becoming more and more popular. In 2014 alone, the number of apps available there increased by 60 per cent. With the 23 new additions, there are now a total of 61 enterprise apps available in the Univention App Center. Univention GmbH, developer of Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a cost-efficient alternative to server solutions from Microsoft, operates the Univention App Center as a marketplace – with an extensive selection of applications for business IT. These include the mail security app from Kaspersky, Dokuwiki and WordPress from 7iSolutions and the system administration tool Pulse from Mandriva. “Our App Center meets with high demand among the application vendors”, explained Univention CEO Peter H. Ganten, “as it allows them to offer their software on a defined and manageable platform. This allows the vendors to increase their visibility enormously. And, of course, UCS users also benefit from this, as there is now an even wider spectrum of enterprise applications at their disposal via UCS.” There are not only already numerous new applications in the pipeline for 2015; Univention also hopes to extend its App Center for cloud applications in the coming year and convert it into a comprehensive transaction platform.

With Univention App Center, Univention also provides the technical basis for the newly conceived Open Cloud Alliance. Cloud service providers can offer their customers a wide range of integrated, centrally administrable SaaS options, without having to organise the implementation with the individual producers. “In this way, there will also be a number of apps from a range of cloud servers providers available as SaaS options via the App Center”, said Mr Ganten. It is already possible to download the applications to existing environments from the Univention App Center with just a few clicks of the mouse and they are generally preconfigured and ready for use. They are then integrated directly in the UCS management system and available in the Univention Management Console immediately.

However, applications which need to be purchased still have to be ordered from the vendor directly. Univention intends to change this fundamentally in 2015 and convert the Univention App Center into a transaction platform. Customers, partners and service providers will then have an integral means of licensing the various offers. Last but not least: The continuous improvement of security will be high on the agenda for Univention in 2015 too. Univention hopes to use app encapsulation and container technology in the future to ensure that applications cannot mutually influence each other and always only access the data within the company IT to which they are supposed to have access.

About Univention
Univention is a leading supplier of Open Source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructures. The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), an easy-to-use, cost-efficient and popular successor to server solutions from Microsoft. UCS contains comprehensive Active Directory functions and an App Center via which enterprise applications can be integrated and operated.

UCS allows web-based IT management and can be employed in organisations of all shapes and sizes. The product can be used as a classic server solution, on the cloud or for hybrid IT environments. It can be operated as a component for existing Microsoft infrastructures and supports the simple replacement of Microsoft Windows domains.

Based on UCS, Univention also offers Univention Corporate Client (UCC), a management solution for Ubuntu, and UCS@school, a complete system for the operation and management of IT in schools. Univention has a global partner network and subsidiaries across Europe and North America.

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