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NOCTUA® is more than just a monitoring solution for complex, heterogeneous IT infrastructures and enables a secure and smooth operation of your entire IT.

The system can be flexibly configured and detects faults on any number of systems, hardware and software. Predefined protocols (e.g. SNMP, WMI, SSH, Ping, SQL) are already available, but self-developed scripts can be reused from older solutions (e.g. Nagios) as well. The small and simple setup effort plus the numerous monitoring possibilities are times savers for IT managers. Bring your aging monitoring back to new life!

Modular features such as graphing or locations ease up your work and auto-discovery as well as reporting optimize your workflow. On the basis of Distributed Monitoring, status and performance values ​​can be read locally and from distributed satellites and displayed centrally. If the connection is lost, the results are stored decentrally and after the connection has been restored, the results are transferred to the master. Create an image of your network structure right up to your users' workplace and see how the devices behave to each other.

The various ways of displaying all measured values ​​and error messages are platform independent in your webbrowser. Graphs and maps help you recognize problems or trends at an early stage and allow you to minimize the risk of time-consuming and costly failures. If an unusual event occurs, the desired users are e-mailed in real time.

The access permissions for individual users or groups can be set as required and customized dashboards provide all business unit users with a clear overview of the information they need - at a glance. The light web interface can be changed at the touch of a button into a dark layout that has been specifically designed for operation on large screens in a NOC. A look at the console is no longer necessary for everyday work.

Detailed reports on numbers, statistics and graphics of your network can be automatically generated not only on demand, but also on schedule. IT-remote areas, such as management, get tailored reports on a daily, weekly or basis.

Monitor your system, detect hazards even before they become a problem and make your life easier.

Behind NOCTUA® is a team of Austrian software specialists from informationstechnologie GmbH in Vienna with many years of experience in the planning, conception and implementation of IT projects in high performance computing.

If you have any questions, need training or more services, please feel free to contact us at +43 1 522 53 77 or

Univention exclusive: NOCTUA® Athene is available as a full version in the Univention App-Center. The Univention license key contains 100 services.


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