This application will not get any further updates. We recommend to search for an alternative application in the App Catalog.

With maildisclaimer by bitbone AG you manage at central point your mail disclaimer text or graphic that is added to all outgoing mails. Legal disclaimers (e.g. "this mail contains confidential information") or mail-signatures (e.g. John Doe, Doe Ltd.) are automatically added to emails without any user interaction. Individual text is made via variables from the directory service or via global, group or user based settings via user management. All basic functionalities are available via the Univention web interface settings. The management of standardized disclaimers, company signatures, advertising banner or legal disclaimers became easy. You can use the Maildisclaimer 30 days for free. After that time, any mailfooters won’t be appended to outgoing e-mails without a license.


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