This application will not get any further updates. We recommend to search for an alternative application in the App Catalog.

The DIGITEC eZ plug-ins provide powerful extensions to the Open-Xchange App Suite.

They will help you to manage and access all business relevant information, including mails and documents, by just one click. With eZ core end users will be enabled to organize and track contacts, events and tasks as virtual business objects without additional third-party software.

eZ core is a native Open-Xchange plug-in and seamlessly integrates into the App Suite. With eZ core you can link groupware items together. So you can connect an email to a task. And a task to a contact or an appointment. You get the idea? Once you open e.g. an appointment in the calendar you also get all other related items as well.

eZ core is the right solution for every Open-Xchange user, who has client contacts, a fairly filled calendar and some tasks to complete. So it's basically for everybody who wants to organize the daily business – small or large – in the easiest way possible. Isn't that eZ?

This product is a free trial version for eZ core with a limited runtime (30 days).
For further subscriptions, please contact the vendor of this app.

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