The app from the software developer TecArt is the first third-party supplier with Docker integration to be included in the App Center of the server management solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The innovative Docker container technology makes it possible to operate different software systems separately from each other in the same environment. These encapsulated apps offer a wide range of advantages in their use in terms of flexibility and security. The isolation creates an optimal and independent system configuration, which simplifies the integration of the TecArt Business software for UCS. The new app manages all the business information and the work and communication processes in companies in a structured, flexible, and centralized manner.

Bremen/Erfurt, February 11, 2016 – With the new TecArt app, the first application based on the state-of-the-art “Docker” container technology for operation in UCS is now available in Univention Corporate Server’s App Center. The app is stored in an isolated container, making it possible to run different software applications in the same server environment without conflicts.
Nico Gulden, the product manager responsible for the Univention App Center, summed up: “TecArt is the first developer to use our new Docker integration in the App Center. The encapsulation via Docker allows TecArt to satisfy the specific requirements on essential software libraries and their versions via the App Center without any complex maneuvers or additional efforts.
There are a whole range of different technical requirements on various services such as databases and web servers that need to be taken into consideration during the integration for UCS. The Docker integration now gives app developers even more possibilities for providing their solutions and allows them to guarantee users operation without any conflicts. Processes which run in the container are also encapsulated in their own environment, with the result that they have no effect on other apps running on the same system. As such, complete virtualization of the server hardware is no longer a prerequisite for being able to run multiple virtual instances on the same operating system without any problems. This solution means that the virtual instances isolated from each other in this way with their specific configurations can now be operated optimally. Any errors or problems arising in one application environment cannot have any influence on another environment operated on the same server or hinder it in any way.

“Other apps will also be using the Docker integration in the next few months, making it possible to use them with UCS for the first time. We at Univention and other app developers have benefited enormously from the experiences collected with TecArt in recent months,” added Nico Gulden happily.
The new bundle offers users a customized and perfectly fitting app model as a secure alternative to large US developers from a data privacy perspective.
“We are particularly delighted that TecArt is the first UCS app to utilize the Docker technology and that we were able to play an active part in this process,” said Christian Fischer, Managing Partner of TecArt GmbH. “The cooperation and the Linux-based Univention Corporate Server allow us to build a solid and above all secure technological basis with future potential and, through doing so, to continue to reinforce our position on the market,” added Mr. Fischer emphatically.

Univention Corporate Server

Univention Corporate Server is an internationally popular management and operating system for servers, which offers a centralized management system for the identity and infrastructure management of IT environments of all shapes and sizes. With its extensive Active Directory functions, it represents a cost-efficient, tried-and-tested Open Source alternative to Microsoft Windows Active Directory. The integrated UCS App Center currently includes around 80 business applications – from groupware, collaboration, document, and web content management systems right up to backup and enterprise resource planning solutions – all of which can be easily integrated in existing IT environments.

With TecArt, there is now a browser-based business software available in the Univention App Center which offers users a complete 360° overview of all their enterprise processes and data. The solution is suitable for professional use in the fields of CRM, groupware, help desks, project management, accountancy, and many more. Irrespective of the industry and size of the company, the software can be customized flexibly, thus creating an efficient and transparent system tailored to the customer’s requirements.
If you want to find out more about the new software highlights from TecArt GmbH in person, you can do so at Booth A27 in Hall 4 at Cebit 2016 from March 14-18.

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Alice Horstmann

Head of Communications