The point release 4.1-2 of UCS provides security updates for the latest version of Univention Corporate Server, for example, for Apache, OpenSSL, the GNU C-library and Samba as well as numerous further developments of existing features.

The usability and stability improvements also include changes of the UCS Active Directory Connector. This tool now uses existing Active Directory interfaces for the synchronization of password hashes. Thanks to this, there’s no need any more for the administrator to install and maintain the password synchronization service on the Windows side.

Also the App Center, which features more than 80 Enterprise applications by now, has been further developed. It now displays the licensing conditions for each single app and users can see immediately whether they can use or test the app for free.

A further, interesting feature of this release is the simplification of the use of UCS for visually impaired users. For this we cooperated with a partner and made improvements in the bootloader configuration of GRUB. You can now, for example, activate the serial console of UCS and configure policies for it very easily via Univention Configuration Registry (UCR).

Additional improvements concern the use of the Univention Management Console (UMC) via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The virtual keyboard of the configuration assistant can now also be easier operated via touch screens.

The Univention print quota modules have been further optimized for the deployment in large school environments in particular. Thanks to this, the modules for managing print quota and reports can now also be used in environments with thousands of users.

And, in response to numerous user wishes, we have further developed the DNS module of UCS. Next to an easy to operate sorting function,now also lists essentially more details in the result lists so that the additional opening of the results can often be omitted.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Security updates for Samba, Apache, OpenSSL and the GNU C-library
  • Update to Samba 4.3.7 with various security updates, closure of the Badlock bug, among other things.
  • Access of the UCS Active Directory Connector to the standard interfaces of the Active Directory for the synchronization of passwords
  • Improvements of the Bootloader configuration of GRUB for the serial console and hence the easier use of UCS by visually impaired administrators
  • Better support for the use of the UMC via mobile devices
  • Adaptations of the App Center such as information on the licensing conditions of apps
  • New sorting function and display of more details in the DNS module
  • Performance improvements of the print quota

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