UCS-Portal: Access to all IT Services

For all users of a UCS domain, the UCS portal page is the central contact point for accessing all IT services, whether they are on the Intra- or Internet. Administrators can use the UCS portal to give users access to services installed in a UCS domain as well as to external cloud services. The Let’s Encrypt service, downloadable as an app from the Univention App Center, can also be used to provide Web services with their own free certificate. This allows a trustworthy access.

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Individual UCS Portal Centrally Managed

In the Univention Management Console (UMC), administrators can assign and unlock portal entries to users via the moduleGroup Memberships. This allows them to easily define and manage individual portal pages that are adapted to specific user groups. This is of particular advantage in heterogeneously organized organizations with different departments or locations and in larger school environments, as it provides each unit with a tailor-made access to the required IT services keeping the environment clear.

UCS Portal Easily Designed with Drag-and-Drop

With the help of the Visual Composer, administrators and authorized users can easily customize the portal via drag & drop in a visual mode or via intuitive commands. You can, for example, define uniform font colors and sizes, integrate your own background image or add new categories and associated services.

Further settings are made in the corresponding UMC module. This includes, for example, the icons of the tiles, their names and descriptions or the links to the services. In addition, portal pages can be created with cross-portal links, e.g. to an imprint or to web pages.

Thanks to the very simple administration of the UCS portal, it can also be designed by users without any particular IT expertise. It is therefore suitable for both small and large organizations.

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