Login and Authentication Services

Log-in services

UCS employs different standards such as LDAP, Kerberos, PAM and NTLM to verify user data. The central management of the data by the management system ensures that the data required for log-ins with different standards are constantly available and the contents are synchronised at all times.

This allows users to log in to different clients with the same user data securely and encrypted, regardless of whether Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows or Linux is installed as the operating system.

Anmeldedienste in UCS
Same User Same Password

Same user, same password

The use of the different standards makes it possible to use the same password on all services.
Consequently, users only need to remember one password for the entire environment instead of individual passwords for each application and service. This makes it easier to choose complexer and thus securer passwords, which can also be changed autonomously if and as required.

Single sign on

Users in UCS environments only need to log in once. After that, the solutions integrated in UCS take over the subsequent log-in procedures for the different services and applications. This saves a great deal of time as it is not continually necessary to re-enter the user data. UCS single sign on mechanisms are offered via Kerberos and Samba/NTLM.

Single Sign On

Single sign on for web services with SAML

The SAML application expands Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with the role of a SAML identity provider and offers web single sign on so that users can also benefit from the single sign on for web services such as Google Apps for Business, Dropbox and Salesforce, as long as these services support the open SAML standard.

This allows UCS user to use different web services that the UCS administrator has approved for them without redundantly storing and maintaining user data for the individual services. The centralised administration of user identities and the single sign on render the need to remember numerous passwords for various web services superfluous. Data sovereignty remains with the user, as no user account information is exchanged with the service provider.

Test UCS

The comfortable single sign-on functions can be tested in the free UCS Core Edition.

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