Active Directory Connection: Joint Operation of UCS and Microsoft Domains

Univention Corporate Server offers extensive functions for joint operation with Microsoft Active Directory domains. In the same way as the Microsoft Windows domain, UCS constructs a trust context in the form of a UCS domain, the objects of which, e.g., users, groups and computers, are saved in the OpenLDAP directory service.

The UCS component Active Directory Connector establishes a connection between UCS and Active Directory allowing synchronisation of directory service objects between Microsoft Active Directory and the OpenLDAP directory in UCS, permitting them to be run optionally in both environments.

Active Directory Konfiguration in UCS 5

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Active Directory domain credentials in UCS 5

UCS as part of an Active Directory domain

A UCS Primary Directory Node can join any existing Active Directory domain of the same name as a domain member. Active Directory remains the principal directory service and UCS is granted limited access to the object data in the AD domain. In this way, UCS offers the possibility of expanding an existing Active Directory domain with all the functions of UCS without making changes to the AD domain.

Synchronization of Active Directory and UCS domains

UCS allows automatic synchronisation of encrypted passwords, group definitions and other directory service objects between Microsoft Active Directory and Univention Corporate Server so that all data are stored in parallel both in Active Directory and LDAP.

This allows both unidirectional and bidirectional synchronisation and ensures smooth, parallel operation of Microsoft Windows and UCS environments without considerable administrative efforts. In addition, it is also possible to synchronise multiple Microsoft Windows domains in parallel. This allows the effective construction of an Open Source metadirectory, via which independent Microsoft Windows domains – alongside many other additional infrastructure components – can be administrated.

The “Active Directory Connector” module can be easily installed from the Univention App Center and configured using the Univention Management Console (UMC).

Active Directory Connection
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