Open Source Software Consultant

Working as a consultant is an interesting mixture to me of IT know-how and customer contact.

Foto Stefanie - Consultant - Univention

What do you do as an Open Source Software Consultant?

My main task as a consultant is to help school authorities to implement IT projects. It is a lot about consulting, conceptual design, project management but sometimes also about debugging, monitoring and error messages.

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What do you like about your work?

actually come from physics and came to IT via a lateral entry at Univention. At the beginning I particularly liked getting to know IT topics, server administration and networks. But I also really like the contact to customers.
Working as a consultant is an interesting mixture to me of both: IT know-how and customer contact – it just suits me well.

What does a typical working day with you look like?

A typical example of a working day would be that a school authority would like to have WLAN in its schools. I then assist them with all the issues: How many servers do they need? How are they configured and how are the access points connected? The technical depth varies from school authority to school authority. The consulting services are also always different. Sometimes I am on site for appointments or I communicate by phone and e-mail. If the questions go beyond my technical focus, I receive support from my colleagues.
Project management is also an essential part of my work – I think myself into projects and try to achieve the set goals together with the customer.

Why do you like working at Univention?

Family friendliness is very important to me. I have two small children. This is why flexible working hours and home office are a big plus. In addition, I was able to start my career at Univention directly after my studies on a part-time basis. That was simply not possible at many other companies.
I like the openness and flexibility in the company and in the team: A lateral entry from a completely different field of study, as I did, is not a given.

What did you learn at Univention?

Through my lateral entry I have acquired a lot of technical knowledge. I particularly appreciate that. I have always been interested in IT, and now I learn something new every day through my work at Univention.

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And finally: What do you like to do in your free time?

Work, toddlers AND free time? Something doesn’t fit together 😉
But when I have time, I like to play soccer and tennis.