IT Project Manager

My name is Arjen Hiemstra. I’m originally from Holland, but I’ve been living in beautiful Bremen with my wife and 2 children for several decades.

IT Project Manager Arjen talks about his work at Univention

What do you do as a Project Manager?

I joined Univention in 2019 as a Project Manager in Professional Services. It is my task to make sure the Project Management ragarding the implementation of new features run smoothly. I’m less into the fine technical details of the Univention Products, but I have great team members who can help me when I have a question. At the moment I am responsible for 3 projects. One of them is a big project for an international customer, who runs millions of UCS accounts in its system. At Univention, outside of active Projects, Project Managers are often involved in Account Management activities to work with the Customer to see if there are opportunities for new projects.

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What is a typical working day?

In Professional Services we have switched to a team structure where every team has 5-6 team members. In our team “Atlas” we start the day with a daily check-in of 15 minutes where we discuss our plans and needs for the day. The rest of the day I spend bringing the projects forward and visualise the project status. Along that there is a lot of communication through email, chat and teleconferences both internally and with customers.

What do you like about your work?

I personally like the international aspect of one of my Customers. I can work very independently, but if I need help, I can get answers almost immediately.

Why do you like working at Univention?

Univention is not a typical hierarchical company. At Univention, being a Project Manager for example is not about hierarchy, but a Project Manager is just another role to make things work. Everybody at Univention is extremely helpful – you are never alone. Univention is growing constantly, so there are always opportunities to change your role or optimise processes. Processes are documented in a WIKI and are being kept up to date by everybody.

What did you learn so far since you work for Univention?

Project Management includes quite a bit of Account Management at Univention. That was a surprise for me, but it makes the work more exciting. You like what I report about my work? Then go to the job offers now and join the team!

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And finally: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a dog that likes to spend time with me, a garden that needs time and if there is spare time I like to do photo editing with Lightroom and occasionally I play creative computer games like Minecraft or Kerbal Space Center or program in programming languages like Swift.