Univention Management Console

Univention Management Console (UMC) is the central, web-based administration interface for UCS domains. It can be used to display all the functions required for domain management such as user and rights management. In addition, the Univention Management Console also offers modules for software administration, infrastructure management, the administration of virtualized computers and access to the Univention App Center.

The clearly structured and easy-to-use web-based interface adapts dynamically to screens of all sizes and the possibility of marking modules as favourites allows rapid access to the most commonly used functions. The Univention Management Console can be used to manage all UCS systems within a domain, making Univention Corporate Server a single point of administration for the entire IT infrastructure management and system settings for servers, desktops, clients and virtualized systems.

Overview Univention Management Console (UMC) in UCS 5

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Univention Management Console LDAP UCS 5

LDAP and rights administration with Univention Management Console

The Univention Management Console can be used to access the LDAP. Objects can be directly created, edited and deleted in the LDAP directory.

UMC allows graded rights models with which different tasks can be assigned to different administrators and corresponding modules or functions can be made available to them. Extensive scripting interfaces and configuration possibilities mean it is easy to expand UMC and adjust it to suit individual requirements.

Expanding the Univention Management Console

Univention Corporate Server can be flexibly adapt to suit the most diverse of requirements. As such, the Univention Management Console offers the possibility of using expanded attributes to expand the standard scope of UCS and add new attributes to the domain management. This function is also used by third parties offering software, who make their solutions available in the Univention App Center.
Consequently, application-specific configurations, e.g., for users, can be performed centrally via the Univention Management Console.

LDAP General settings for extended attribute in Univention Management Console in UCS 5
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