Keycloak is a SAML and OpenID Connect Identity Provider solution, offering federation to other protocol compliant identity providers.

The app is configured to use the Keycloak feature "User Federation" for authentication of users against OpenLDAP.

For more details go to the documentation of the most recent version of the UCS Keycloak App.

NOTE: This App should currently only be installed for testing purposes. It can only be installed on a UCS Primary Directory Node and thus is not suitable yet for productive use in environments that have UCS Backup Directory Nodes. It generates a new DNS name ucs-sso-ng.$domainname .

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Download UCS and activate Keycloak directly from the App Center.

Further information

Free commercial use
Available for UCS versions:
19.0.1-ucs4 (UCS 5.0)
Please contact the provider of the application