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Operating System for PCs, Notebooks and Thin Clients

Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is a flexible and cost-effective solution for the operation and administration of PCs, notebooks and thin clients in companies and institutions. The software contains an Ubuntu-based desktop environment optimised for business use. In addition, UCC serves as a platform for the access to remote desktop solutions and virtualized desktops as well as browser- or terminal server-based applications.

With UCC, desktops can be adjusted to the respective hardware and their operation purpose easily. The solution can be managed conveniently and efficiently via the web-based Univention Management Console (UMC). In this way, UCC can also be used to realize administrative procedures integrated in existing solutions for users, clients, desktops and rights.

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Key Features of Univention Corporate Client

  • Reduced administration efforts thanks to fully automatic installation, central update management and integral user and rights management via policies and desktop profiles
  • Support of many thin client devices and connected hardware
  • Support of all popular remote desktops and desktop virtualization environments from Microsoft, Citrix and Univention
  • Integrated support for xrdp, which allows a bandwidth-efficient access to the KDE Linux desktop of UCC, also, for example, from Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems
  • Ideal for use in heterogeneous environments with Linux and Windows desktops
  • Cost-effective in its implementation, maintenance, administration and operation
  • Open standards ensure easy adaptability and simple expansion
  • All Univention products are 100% Open Source.

Advantages for administrators

Administrators benefit from the uncomplicated standardized administration and the policy-based configuration of the clients via the UCS management system. Possibilities for automated software distribution and maintenance and the compilation of desktops in containers and organizational units simplify and accelerate the administrative work.

Consequently, UCC is the ideal solution for access to hosted, virtual desktops or web-based applications. In addition to optimal support of Microsoft Windows, UCC expands the features already included in UCS for mounting Linux clients with the possibility of completely managing Linux-based clients.

UCC is ideal for access to:

  • Microsoft Windows and Citrix remote desktop solutions
  • Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (as of 2003)
  • Citrix Presentation Server / Citrix XenApp (ICA)