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As software vendor would you like to make your solution clearly visible and easy to use for a broad and professional user group? With Univention App Center we offer you the ideal platform. Univention App Center offers your application an appealing presentation, easy deployment as well as a professional integration into enterprise environments and the opportunity of an uncomplicated sale.

Univention App Center is based on UCS, a Linux based operating platform with an extensive identity and access management system. UCS complements your solution with an open and easy to use system for user and rights management as well as an integrated update and life cycle management.

Make your solution easily available to thousands of organizations that are already using UCS via the Univention App Center. And provide it, in parallel, to several cloud offerings, e.g. Amazon Web Services, and virtualization platforms, e.g. VMware and KVM as Univention Apps are distributed by a continuously growing network of cloud service providers. Being a Univention App your solution will be immediately applicable on premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.

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How do I integrate my software into the Univention App Center?

Univention App Center

Your advantages of the App Center

  • Visibility of your solution to thousands of organizations that use UCS
  • Opportunity to use a free, maintained operating platform with UCS Core
  • No fees, no minimum turnover
  • Access to an ever-increasing network of cloud service providers
  • Provision as preconfigured, virtualized app appliance by Univention
  • Transactions and payments effected via the Univention App Center
  • Encapsulation of the app via Docker integration into the App Center
  • Integration into Microsoft Active Directory and other IT business environments via UCS

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