New UCS release provides bugfixes, updates and automatic creation of Univention Apps for virtualization environments

The latest release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) supplies various improvements, security updates and bug fixes for the IT management and operating platform of Univention. New in UCS 4.0-3, among other things, are the use of Dovecot as the default mail server, the possibility to define LDAP filters for guidelines and the automatic creation of Univention Apps as images for various virtualization environments.

Bremen, August 11, 2015. As of the third point release the apps available in the Univention App Center such as ownCloud, Open-Xchange and Zarafa are now automatically provided as complete applications that consist of the platform, the management system, and the app itself and are ready to download for various virtualization formats such as VMware or KVM.

Univention Corporate Server 4.0-3 includes all security updates that have been published since the previous release so that UCS users can upload them in one go. In addition, there are numerous improvements in design and usability of the brower-based UCS management system such as a faster navigation within the management interface via the now available use of the web browser’s back and forth button.

Thanks to the integration of the mail server Dovecot as UCS’ default IMAP/POP3 server, the Bremen-based software manufacturer has significantly increased the performance of the UCS mail component. Dovecot also includes functions for the automatic correction of specific errors as well as for the independent optimization of various processes which facilitate not only the administrative workload but also the security of the mail server. Very convenient for the use of LDAP-based guidelines particularly in large environments are additional, now available LDAP filters that limit the efficacy of the guidelines to objects that match the filter.

Thanks to the update of the UCS-integrated file, print and directory service software Samba to version 4.2.3, the Active Directory compatibility has been extended. New are, among other things, improvements in the DRS replication and as to the handling of printer drivers.

With regard to technical features, UCS 4.0-3 is now based on the latest, stable „longterm“ Linux kernel 3.16, which includes various security updates as well as additional and updated drivers for improved hardware support.

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