The new Nextcloud Hub is now available in Univention App Center! As usual, the open source software can be easily integrated into an UCS environment and thus be centrally managed and users can utilize single sign-on.

Version 18 of Nextcloud brings a range of new features such as photo albums, calendars, webmail, videoconferencing and workflow automation.

Further innovations are:

  • „Workspaces“ extend file sharing by displaying notes, taks lists and file links
  • An organization tool for a better distribution of tasks within the team
  • Manually activatable locks to prevent simultaneous file processing
  • „Flows“ as an automation tool for converting files, sending chat messages etc.
  • As a gallery app, „Photo“ simplifies the handling of large quantities of pictures
  • Version 2.0 of the calendar app allows room bookings, displaying activites and can be linked to the renewed conference app „Talk“
  • „Mail 1.0“ as a new web mail app allows the inclusion of existing e-mail accounts

An update from Nextcloud 17 to Nextcloud Hub is easily possible.

Nextcloud Hub can be installed from the Univention App Center and integrated into UCS with a few clicks. Administrators can centrally enable users to access Nextcloud via the UCS Management Console. Users can then access Nextcloud securely and conveniently via the UCS portal, including the option of single sign-on.

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