With Univention Corporate Server 4.0-5 Univention publishes the fifth point release of UCS 4.0. Thanks to an update of the Linux kernel to 3.16.7-ckt20 this version includes various stability and security updates. In addition, the standard integration of a Nagios plug-in monitors the synchronization between OpenLDAP and Samba 4. Further, diverse updates as to scope of function and performance were carried out in the areas of directory service replication, mail server, proxy server and the synchronization of printer GPO objects.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Update of the Linux kernel to 3.16.7-ckt20
  • Security updates for OpenSSL, Samba, NTP, GNU C-library (glibc), sudo, Apache, and many more
  • Integration of a Nagios plug-in. This regularly checks the status of the Univention S4 Connector, which, in turn, synchronizes, among other things, users and groups in UCS’ leading directory service OpenLDAP with Samba 4 respectively with Active Directory.
  • Performance increase of the directory replication with the result that domain joins are carried out much faster in environments with several thousands of users.
  • Diverse improvements in respect of UCS mail server packages such as, for example, the use of policies for e-mail recipients or the setting of permissions for IMAP shared folders.
  • New setting options for the proxy server in order to improve the performance in large environments.
  • Improved configuration of the synchronization of the SYSVOL approvals, in which the Active Directory group policies are saved.
  • The Univention S4 Connector now can also synchronize printer GPO objects which is, above all, relevant in UCS@school environments.
  • Via UCR variables it now can be easily defined which kernel shall be used on the next system start. The configuration via UCR is a noticeable simplification, particularly in distributed environments with many servers.

More information in the Release Notes.

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