The critical security gap known under the name “Badlock“, which had been discovered by Samba developers within the Samba software but also within Windows, also concerns the Samba software integrated in UCS.

We are happy to now provide you with an erratum update for all UCS versions that are in maintenance. Please update your UCS installation for this using one of the three following procedures:

1. A single system can be updated in the web interface of the
Univention Management Console through the “Software update” module.

2. A single system can also be updated on the command line by running the
command “univention-upgrade”

3. Multiple systems can be updated through a maintenance policy.

Information on these steps can be found in the UCS manual.

An overview of all available errata updates can be found online at

Further information on the “Badlock” bug can also be found at the website:

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