The new app Zarafa Web Meetings is an integration in the Zarafa WebApp to enable direct communication with one or more persons. This communication can be in the form of a video call in HD audio and video quality, as a presentation via your own monitor, in the form of sending a file or simply via chat.

Whatever way of communication is used, all have in common that the data transfer will always be encoded and direct from browser to browser thanks to WebRTC technology.

The app installs a local meeting server and puts it into operation. Additional information on this can be found in the app’s readme. All configuration variables are explained in the Zarafa4UCS Wiki.

Prerequisite for the use of Zarafa Web Meetings is the use of the groupware Zarafa. Simply download a virtual, ready-to-use image of the Zarafa App via the Univention App Catalog and then test the new App Zarafa Web Meetings.

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