UCC 2.1 with optimized roll-out management, integrated Citrix Receiver and more comprehensive hardware support is available now

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With the release of Univention Corporate Client (UCC) Version 2.1, we are now making our operating and management solution for (thin) clients available with integrated Citrix Receiver. In addition, the software employs newer kernel and Xserver versions, which allow the use of additional client hardware. Another new feature of UCC is the new image server, which enables the roll-out of clients in distributed infrastructures from local servers. As always, UCC is based on the Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu (currently 14.04).

CTX_R_Dimensional_RGBThe release of Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 2.1 brings with it a whole range of innovations for our desktop and thin client solution: With the integration and certification of Citrix Receiver in UCC, it is now even simpler to deploy UCC as a thin client solution. Whereas UCC users had to integrate Citrix Receiver in client images manually in the past, the thin clients operated with UCC can now connect directly with Citrix environments following the roll-out. In addition to Citrix, Univention Corporate Client also offers a platform for access to additional popular remote desktop and desktop virtualization environments from Microsoft and VMware.

The new version of UCC also features a flexibly employable image server, which considerably facilitates the roll-out and updating of clients operated at different sites and makes this possible independently of the network connection. In rural areas in particular, organisations can now utilise the available bandwidth to access applications without being restricted by software updates.

Particularly large organisations can also still choose the efficient, centralised operation of thin client systems. In addition, Univention Corporate Client also includes an Ubuntu 14.04-based desktop environment for business use. Version 2.1 also features the latest kernel and Xserver versions for Ubuntu 14.04, thus ensuring support of the latest client hardware.

More information about the release of UCC 2.1 can be found in the Univention Forum.

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