Benno MailArchiv is a software for the automated and revision-safe archiving of emails.

Benno MailArchiv offers an integrated full text search that allows the search for any email based on content information (sender, receiver, text) but also on text content from attachments. At the moment, more than 1,200 attachment formats, incl. PDF, office formats, etc. are supported. ZIP files will be unpacked and also fully indexed file-by-file.

This way, Benno MailArchiv offers a solution for the law-compliant archiving of emails while offering added value to all email users.

The integration of Benno MailArchiv in UCS allows the administrator to configure user rights for the Benno MailArchiv WebApp via the UCS management system. The WebbApp allows users to search their archived mails. Benno MailArchiv is fully integrated in the UCS mailstack so that mails are automatically archived while being sent or received.

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