With the new app MobyDick, the Univention App Center now provides a solution for the embedding and integration of the VoIP solution MobyDick in UCS. MobyDick is based on the powerful Open Source VoIP solution Asterisk.

mobydick_20150527The telephone system MobyDick by our partner pascom Netzwerktechnik offers a convenient, self-developed user and management interface. It is operated as an appliance that includes everything from the operating system up to the management. This new MobyDick app in the App Center now connects the UCS directory service (OpenLDAP) with the MobyDick telephone system.

Thanks to the successfully completed interoperability testing, UCS and MobyDick solution users will be able to benefit from a centralised identity management solution that delivers not only ease of integration but also delivers all the benefits of IdM and VoIP solutions such as increased productivity, time and cost savings whilst simultaneously increasing security and providing much needed control over IT infrastructures.

After the installation via the App Center, the solution can be tested for up to three users for an unlimited period.

Download of the MobyDick for UCS app via the Univention app catalogue.

If you are interested in more insights about identity management, we recommend our latest blog post “Identity Management – What you Need to Know” by James Barton (pascom) which also includes a video tutorial by Nico Gulden, Product Manager from Univention and Mathias Pasquay, CEO pascom Netzwerktechnik.


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Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.