As of today, we offer the fifth patchlevel release for UCS 3.2. Since the last patchlevel release in November 2014, we published over 40 errata updates. These updates can be completely installed via the patchlevel release. One of the key focus of our development team that is also reflected in the current release, is the continuous improvement of security aspects of the whole UCS system. Therefore, around twenty of the improvements are mere security updates.

Further highlights of the release:

  • Stability improvements of the UCS management system in some contexts
  • The update from UCS 3.2 to UCS 4.0 has been simplified
  • Multiple improvements in the Samba 4 / Active Directory integration, e.g., in the use of Microsoft SharePoint

A detailed list about the changes can be found in the Release Notes. The update DVDs can be found on our download server.

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