Univention technology partners have certified further solutions for monitoring PCs, services and storage management for UCS. Among them is Icinga, a fork of the well-known Open Source monitoring system Nagios included in UCS. Icinga is developed by the Icinga team and certified for UCS by the Nuremberg-based company NETWAYS GmbH. With Icinga, it is possible to supervise complete system landscapes, beginning with hardware via a range of different operating systems up to applications.

The monitoring solution “MonIT” of the Austrian init informationstechnologie GmbH, which is based on Nagios and Icinga, puts particular emphasis on simple operability in complex networks and clusters.

In addition, the Open Source unified storage system openATTIC from the company it-novum has been certified for UCS. openATTIC combines Open Source storage tools via a central interface to manage the individual functions in one. An open interface joins openATTIC, for example, with provisioning, monitoring and backup systems.

A summary of all solutions certified for UCS can be found here.

Further information on the three new solutions can be found on the manufacturers’ websites:

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