From now on, the backup and recovery solution Bareos is available in the Univention App Center and can be used in a few clicks of the mouse. With this new application, UCS is providing companies and institutions a professional, comprehensive Open Source solution for the backup and recovery of their data. People interested in this combined solution can get to know it at the Univention booth 105 in Hall 6.3 at the Open-IT Summit in Berlin (on the fair grounds), taking place from 22nd May to 23rd May 2013.

*Bareos*(*B*ackup*A*rchiving*Re*covery*O*pen*S*ourced) is a reliable, network-based Open Source software for the backup, archiving and recovery of data for all well-established operating systems. Emerging from the project Bacula, Bareos has been actively developed as a fork since 2010 and enriched with a number of new features.

Thus, Bareos is today offering LTO hardware encryption, bandwitdth limitation and new practical console commands. The source code of Bareos is available on Github under the AGPL v3 license. In addition, Bareos offers binary package repositories for the most important Linux distributions as well as for Windows.

With Bareos, easily installable via the Univention App Center, you can convert every UCS server into a backup server for heterogeneous networks. In addition, the company Bareos is offering to subscribe for quality assured installation packages for Windows, Mac, Solaris and all established Linux distributions.

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