The first milestone of Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 2.0 is released and is now available to download via the Univention App Center. The milestone is aiming at channel partners, technology partners and people interested in technology who want to get a first impression of the upcoming release of UCC.

The first milestone already includes the update to Kubuntu 14.04. In addition, pre-versions of the XRDP integration and the setup wizard are included. The latter one already allows to roll out desktop environments.

Beside the above-mentioned features, a wizard for the management of UCC images and the UEFI support are further highlights of UCC 2.0. An overview of all the highlights can be found in the Univention Wiki.

The milestone is not designated for production use. An update from the milestone to the expected final release will not be supported.

Further information can be found in the forum at:

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