With the audriga groupware service available in the Univention App Center, UCS offers the integration of a solution, which allows the convenient migration from one groupware to another. As a Software as a Service tool (SaaS), the customer using audriga only has to give the names of the source and target server as well as of the migrating mail accounts. The migration process will then start and run fully automatically and can always be observed via the web browser. No software installation is necessary. Next to Microsoft Exchange, other popular mail servers and systems such as Google Apps, Kolab, Open-Xchange or Zimbra are supported.

This easy migration is particularly interesting for the transfer from Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) to an open solution such as Univention Corporate Server. The migration of the existing mail accounts is a very important feature for this user group in particular. Likewise, UCS users can also use audriga to change between the different groupware solutions Kolab, OX App Suite, Zarafa and Tine 2.0 which are all available via the Univention App Center.

Further information on audriga can be found on the solution’s website.

Download and test audriga via the Univention App Center.

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