Tine 2.0 from Metaways GmbH in Hamburg is a modern, web-based, in PHP/Zend (back end) and Javascript/ExtJS (web interface) realised groupware software, which is now available via the Univention App Center. In addition to the classic e-mail and calendar functions, Tine 2.0 offers department-specific applications such as CRM, time and human resource management software.

Since calendar and address book data of native clients can be accessed comfortably via open interfaces (WebDAV,CalDAV, CardDAV), Tine 2.0 is a versatile solution and can be applied for varied uses. As common practice with groupware solutions by now, Tine 2.0 also offers synchronisation for Android and IOS smart phones.

The solution, which is available in the Univention App Center, is the community edition of Tine 2.0. It integrates completely in the UCS infrastructure, e. g. in the directory services, the e-mail back ends and the user management of the platform. Thus, all users and groups, which are created in the UCS user administration, are also available in Tine 2.0. Concurrently, the solution extends the Univention Corporate Server by synchronisation interfaces. In addition to the ones already mentioned above, it supports ActiveSync so that users can create and manage new user or group accounts directly via Tine 2.0.

This makes Tine 2.0 and UCS a perfectly coordinated overall solution which is now available via the Univention App Center.

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