From now on, you can find an instant messaging solution of the company it25 in the Univention App Center, which can be easily and quickly installed for all UCS users.

Via ejabberd, PLUCS installs a Jabber/XMPP daemon on the server and integrates it in the UCS domain. By this, all existing XMPP/Jabber-based programs, such as Pidgin and Adium, can be administrated easily and centrally via UCS. As soon as PLUCS is installed, further XMPP domains can be optionally configurated on the server where the Jabber server is installed. There is also the option to convert groups into XMPP groups. The XMPP activated group members will then appear in the contact list of the Jabber client.

If you would like to experience PLUCS live, come to our booth at CeBIT in spring 2014 where our partner it25 will also be represented.

If you are interested in downloading and testing Univention Corporate Server and PLUCS, you can download a free installation image of UCS 3.2 at:

and install it via the Univention App Center for up to five users with a few clicks of the mouse.

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