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UCS@school was developed in close cooperation with the school authority of the state of Bremen to meet the special requirements of the education sector. It is used by numerous school authorities and state authorities. UCS@school enables you to centralize and standardize your school IT by centrally maintaining and administrating the identities and access rights of the users at the school authority and providing access to services from anywhere through an internet school portal. Via the interface or the integrated App Center, you can integrate additional services with connectors and manage them centrally. With UCS@school, federal states can set up a nationwide directory service, connect services such as for e-mails, and enable access to educational clouds.

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Modular and Ready-to-use Complete Solution

UCS@school offers a number of important services such as user self services, password management, printer control, class test mode, WLAN control, computer room modules, mail server, and much more. You could also use the Univention App Center to integrate other solutions in UCS, such as mobile device management, learning management, file sync & sharing solutions, and online office programs. It also provides data protection-compliant connectors to Office 365, Apple School Manager or Google Education.

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Central Concept – IT at the School Authority Relieves the Burden on Schools

The central provision of important IT services by the school authorities relieves schools from the burden of IT administration. Depending on the expansion of the Internet connection, only the necessary services remain in the school. All other services are managed centrally by the school authorities and made available via a school portal.

Statewide Directory Services, Data Imports and School Clouds

UCS@school is ideal for building nationwide directory services thanks to its scalability to hundreds of thousands of users. Via standardized interfaces, an automated connection for the user data can be implemented between the state directory service and the individual school authorities. Via the connection of services such as for mails, you can implement statewide services, for example, mail services for teachers or a state education cloud.

Professional Project Support

The implementation of large digitization projects in often extremely heterogeneous and historically grown school IT environments requires a high degree of project management competence and human resources. Both cannot or should not always be done completely alone by the school authority. Here our Professional Services Team offers support. In dozens of projects, our colleagues have met the most diverse requirements. They have acquired the necessary practical experience with regard to conditions for success, project planning, and IT architecture and infrastructure. They can thus effectively support those responsible on site.

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The SyS-C team of the city of Chemnitz maintains the IT of 80 schools in Chemnitz with about 30,000 users and about 5,000 end devices. Besides Microsoft Windows, also Linux operating systems are installed on these devices.


  • Active Directory compatible domain services for group policies and domain integration of new Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Deployment of an open source solution if possible
  • Co-existence of Windows and Linux operating systems in schools via a uniform user directory
  • Central software distribution with depot server function at the schools
  • Graphic interfaces for computer room management
  • Easy extension of the solution with central IT services for mobile end devices such as tablets, e.g., data exchange services
  • Fully automated user management


Univention corporate Server (UCS) with integrated Samba 4 and UCS@school as well as the software distribution tool opsi by uib GmbH.

City Hanover

The objective of a pilot project of the city of Hanover, encompassing six schools and 5,500 users, is to create modernized IT groundworks and an infrastructure for the digitization of Hanover’s education system. The pilot project, which is scheduled to run until 2018, works on the implementation of a centralized IT infrastructure management, among other things.


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with UCS@school provides a central access and authorization management for the connected schools and web services. Automatic import mechanisms ensure the synchronization of the data of users, schools and classes. The connection of the Active Directory is made by the AD Connector contained in UCS@school.

City of Aachen

City of Aachen, 37 primary schools, about 7,500 pupils as users, 11,800 workplaces in education and administration


  • Standardization of the IT infrastructures
  • Efficient operation with minimal efforts on-site at the schools
  • Educational functions for teachers
  • Virtualization of all servers


UCS@school as the central identity and access management system combined with virtualized UCS@school school servers in the data center. Windows clients in those schools with a stable connection to the data center. The city of Aachen is supported by our partner regio it.

City of Wolfsburg

District-free city with 18,800 pupils at 37 schools


  • The City of Wolfsburg intends to use the project to create a virtual learning space for the educational landscape in Wolfsburg. Within the framework of a pilot project at 6 schools, initially the central provision of WLAN and web services is to be tested.


  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and UCS@school as Identity Management and Portal Solution for Student and Teacher Identities
  • Connection of the school WLAN to UCS for Internet access at the schools
  • Connection of the learning management system itslearning to UCS for the central administration of users in UCS
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regio iT: ucloud@school

ucloud@school is the secure and data protection compliant cloud offering for schools and school authorities by regio iT which is already used by 100 schools in North Rhine-Westphalia.


  • Multi-client capability during operation
  • Self-management functions for the schools
  • Single sign-on via Shibboleth/SAML
  • Interfaces for the provision of user accounts and groups within the identity and access management
  • High compatibility between UCS@school and services of other manufacturers


regio iT uses Univention Corporate Server and the integrated LDAP directory service as the identity and access management system for ucloud@school. It also offers connected file sharing and groupware services, which can be purchased in addition by schools and schools authorities.

Stadt Cottbus

The school administration department of the city council of Cottbus is responsible for the IT infrastructure of its 25 municipal schools with a total of around 10,500 teachers and pupils.


  • The set up of a central directory service
  • The integration of school servers
  • A central software distribution via opsi
  • There are also plans to extend the WLAN infrastructure using Radius


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