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Univention Corporate Server (UCS) offers scalable identity and infrastructure management that allows you to conveniently manage your entire IT infrastructure centrally via a web interface, integrate additional IT services and applications, and make them easily accessible via a user portal.
Since our software solutions are 100% Open Source, you benefit 100% from the advantages of Open Software: transparency, control over data and processes, vendor independence, adaptability, and expandability. At the same time, UCS is a fully configured, ready-to-use standard solution with a manufacturer’s warranty. It is continuously maintained and further developed and has been tried and tested by thousands of companies and organizations worldwide. As an organization whose functioning and profitability depends on a smooth IT, you benefit from the know-how and support of our Professional Services and Support Teams. If you wish, also 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Screenshot of UCS 4.4: UCS Portal
Visualisierung UCS Funktionen

All Features You Need to Run Your IT and Much More

UCS provides all the functions organizations need to operate and manage their entire IT infrastructure and user identities, whether on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems. From mail and print servers to monitoring tools and Active Directory functions, these services are already integrated by default in UCS. Further services can be easily connected via the Unvention App Center.

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Scalable – From a 5-Person Team to Up to 30 Million Users

Thanks to a multi-server concept, there are almost no limits to the use of Univention Corporate Server. Not only small agencies use the solutions for the central management of identities, resources, and services but also state authorities and medium-sized companies, and international corporations. Our largest customer to this day, the French telecommunication company Orange, manages around 30 million user accounts with UCS. Read more about this in our reference reports.


Screenshot: Univention App Center

Customizable and Expandable – Open Source Code, Standardized Interfaces and App Center

UCS is a ready-to-use standard solution that can be adapted to individual requirements thanks to extensive configuration and expansion options and the Open Source code. Designed as an open platform, UCS also offers specialist procedures and databases via standardized interfaces, and the option to easily connect services, . You can also use the Univention App enter and install one of around 90 extensions to UCS or one of the 3rd-party apps for a wide variety of needs with just a few clicks – from backup to ticket systems and from CRM to cloud solutions.

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7/24 h Support, Professional Services and Personal Technical Account Manager

For you to be able to concentrate on your business goals and rely on your IT, we offer you professional support from our support team. Depending on the subscription model, this ranges from installation support to 24×7 support, where a team of highly qualified contacts is available round the clock. For complex projects, our Professional Services Team is at your side, supporting you in the planning of your IT architecture, projects, and implementations or with updates. If you wish, we can provide you with a personal Technical Account Manager who knows your environment inside out.

Efficient – From the Free Core Edition to the Premium Package

In order for you to get to know UCS, we offer our software with full functionality as a free core edition. For professional organizations we recommend the use of one of our subscription models. Choose between a base subscription for 319,- Euro per year, a UCS standard subscription with the support of all documented functions or a premium subscription with 7 years maintenance for your product version.

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