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As a small or medium-sized company, you are dependent on your IT system working smoothly at all times and operating without any major administration efforts. This means access to resources, such as printers and files, must be easy to set up and manageable. Confidential data must be saved securely and centrally, while benefiting from the convenient cloud services provided by Google or Salesforce, for example. As required, your field employees can access the company network using their mobile devices while they’re out and about.

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UCS – the Scalable Server for Small and Medium-sized Companies

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) provides small and medium-sized companies with all the small business server functions necessary to operate and easily manage IT systems. To do this, UCS offers a central and intuitive web-based management console to manage access rights for your employees to folders, printers and other resources, and to set up groups.

Through the open, standardized interfaces, existing and new applications such as mail programs, firewalls and back-up systems can be easily integrated and managed through the central management system.

This is particularly easy through the integrated app center, where you can download a multitude of business applications and integrate them into your IT system with just a few clicks.

In just a few steps, using the AD Takeover function, you can completely migrate your existing Active Directory domain with all existing data, guidelines and functions to UCS. You can also operate UCS as part of an existing Active Directory domain and easily integrate new applications into your existing Microsoft Windows environment.


UCS Small Business Functions

  • Infrastructure management to provide and manage domains
  • Identity management system for users, groups, guidelines and resources
  • App center with numerous additional business apps
  • AD Takeover assistant for easy existing Microsoft domain migration
  • Active Directory Member mode for operation of UCS as a member of existing AD domains

Advantages of UCS for Small Business Server Replacement or Expansion

  • Management of Microsoft, Mac or Linux workplaces
  • Management of users, groups and computers through central and web-based management console, even at different sites
  • Easy and central organization of file storage, printing and updates
  • Standardized interfaces for incorporating ICS into existing IT environments
  • Simple integration of third-party applications
  • Scalability to include as many new servers, sites or PC workplaces as you like
  • Use in local computer center, the cloud or in hybrid environments
  • Continual further development of the software and support by Univention
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