Effective Identity Management

Are you looking for an identity management system which allows you to manage users and the systems and applications which the latter access in your data center or cloud centrally and effectively?

Univention Corporate Server simplifies your identity management:

With the Univention Corporate Server you can control your complete IT via a web-based, intuitively operable management console. You can grant or withdraw user access to applications, centrally administer user accounts and passwords and, in doing so, maintain complete control over your IT landscape at all times.

With the UCS, you not only significantly reduce the workload associated with administration of your IT, but also enhance security. The UCS is compatible with Active Directory which means you can also integrate systems and applications which are compatible with this into the UCS identity management system and manage them from a single location. Cloud services such as G Suite and Microsoft Office365 can also be connected up to the IDM of the UCS. And, of course, a wide range of apps from the App Center can also be integrated into the IDM. Last, but not least, single sign-on and two-factor authentication ensure convenience and first-class security when using services.

Identity Management mit Univention Corporate Server

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UCS offers you an identity management system with:

  • Central management of users, groups and rights
  • Password management with authorized processes and guidelines
  • Single sign-on for different services, including cloud-based ones, thanks to SAML technology
  • Consistent data storage of user attributes and rapid availability of user accounts for all linked services

Benefits for your IT administration:

  • Reduction of workload thanks to central management of all resources
  • Simple operability with a clear web interface
  • Flexible adaption and expansion options with standardized interfaces
  • Compatibility with other solutions using the Active Directory functions / connectors
  • Improved security for web services due to the local provision of passwords, two-factor authentication options and the password self-service

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