Management of Client Environments

For the administration and operation of desktop infrastructure within your organization, a centrally administrated management system is necessary to create and monitor new clients, manage guidelines and rights and easily roll out software updates. At the same time, you need a solution that supports as wide a range of thin and fat clients and various pieces of hardware as possible.

Univention Corporate Client for the central, web-based management of desktop infrastructure

Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is a flexible solution used by business and organizations to operate and manage PCs, notebooks and thin clients. The software contains a desktop environment, which has been optimized for business use. Based on Ubuntu, UCC and can be managed conveniently through a web-based management console. As a result, both Microsoft Windows and Linux clients can be easily and centrally managed.

UCC facilitates access to hosted, virtual desktops, terminal services from Microsoft or Citrix and web-based applications. The Ubuntu Basis allows UCC to run on a wide range of current hardware. As a result, special adaptation of desktops to hardware is unnecessary.

Clientverwaltung mit Univention Corporate Server und Univention Corporate Client

Advantages of Univention Corporate Client

  • Reduction of administration efforts through fully-automated installation, central update management and standardized user and rights management through guidelines and desktop profiles
  • Support for a wide range of thin client systems and PC hardware
  • Ideal for use in heterogeneous environments with Linux and Microsoft Windows desktops

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Functions for the management of client environments

  • Preconfigured, instantaneous client operating system with desktop for various operational scenarios
  • Configuration options for fat or thin clients via the central, web-based management system
  • Image-based roll-out for installation and updates of client systems
  • Access to terminal services of Microsoft, Citrix and UCC terminal servers
  • Guideline- and profile-based management of user rights and desktops
  • Preconfigured business desktop based on KDE (with LibreOffice package and Firefox web browser among others)

Screenshot Univention Management Console with UCC in UCS 4.2

Further solution scenarios with UCS