The Windows-based IT infrastructure at Molitor Zahntechnik in Berlin was showing its age and no longer protected against viruses. A lightning-speed makeover and Univention Corporate Server offered much-needed relief.



Molitor Zahntechnik (Dental laboratory technology company) in Berlin



  • Complete overhaul of the IT for a modern, low-maintenance IT environment protected against viruses.
  • Use of the familiar, Microsoft Windows-based specialist applications
  • Integration of Mac workstations
  • Scalability of the new IT environment so as to be able to mount additional sites by means of a private cloud in the future if and as required


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) on server hardware from Thomas-Krenn

Starting position

For its accountancy and customer service tasks Molitor was using a local network via DSL routers to connect three workstations with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as three printers, a scanner and a range of other special peripherals. The IT landscape was not at all secure and infected with viruses, Trojans and spam. Attempting to repair and subsequently maintain the system in its original state would have been an expensive and not particularly cost-effective feat.

UCS manages the entire IT environment including the Macs at Molitor Zahntechnik

The challenge was in providing an alternative solution within two days, as it was not possible to interrupt business operations for any longer. The plan was to commission a preconfigured solution on the first day and then provide the requisite functions on the second day.

Two of the three workstations were also to be replaced with a Mac Mini, as the company wished to use the applications Mail, Calendar, Address Book, Pages for correspondence and Numbers for calculations as well as the backup program Time Machine integrated in the Apple operating system.

The Berlin-based Univention Partner – Schubert Softwaretechnik stepped up to take on the challenge successfully: The solution was presented by Univention Corporate Server (UCS) installed on an additional, quiet and energy-efficient server from Thomas-Krenn AG. UCS employs a dual-zone firewall to secure the local network in which the company data are also saved and managed on network drives.

This is what our customer says.
  • „Thanks to the newly set up IT environment we can now work smoothly and without facing problems, and on top are protected from computer viruses. Important to us is that we can continue to use our expert applications for dental technology and administration we are used to.”

Using UCS Virtual Machine Manager to provide Microsoft-based specialist applications virtually

The decisive factor in this project was the UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) integrated in UCS. This module makes it possible to migrate the specialist applications of the XP and Vista workstations to virtual machines with Windows 7 Professional and provide them centrally on the network. At the same time, UVMM offers the services of a Primary Directory Node for the administration of the computer domain virtually.

The mounting of the Apple-based workstation required minimal effort. Integrating the non-Postscript printers, however, proved to be somewhat more difficult. We were able to expand them with network functions and also make them available centrally.

Molitor Zahntechnik is now able to work with the familiar specialist applications again and has also gained some new, much desired software on top. A modern, open and, above all, maintainable software for the management of the IT, which protects the network outwardly and takes care of the backing up of the company data inwardly, runs completely unnoticed in the background.


Short-term and cost-effective implementation for greater security

The entire project was implemented with the Univention server product UCS in record time and was represented a cost-effective alternative to setting up a new Windows environment. As a consequence, the wish has since been voiced for the creation of a private cloud based on UCS offering the possibility of replicating the data at a second site and maintaining physical control over them.


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