ZuluDesk - Less distraction, better learning

If you are looking for a low cost, highly effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for today's digital classroom: ZuluDesk is what you want to find. All your Apple devices can be managed with ZuluDesk, relieving your IT Department, Teachers and Parents from stress and helping your students to focus.

The app prepares the connection between ZuluDesk and UCS@school. The LDAP connection has to be setup in the ZuluDesk dashboard. After the setup the users from UCS@school are synchronized to ZuluDesk.

Low costs, no surprises

ZuluDesk offers easy tools to your school and everyone involved in teaching your students in an effective way. ZuluDesk was founded at school, from a school’s point of view.

At only 5 € per licences device every year, it has low costs. Combining UCS@school and ZuluDesk gives you modern infrastructure for an old fashioned price. Once your device is enrolled in ZuluDesk, you will no longer have to worry about updates and support. All costs will be clear before you order.

All Apple devices are supported

ZuluDesk is on a continuous crusade to bring you the most practical and up to date solution in Apple management. Providing an App and web client and supporting all your iOS, macOS and tvOS devices, ZuluDesk brings ease to iPad management.

With ZuluDesk, your IT staff is in control. With ZuluDesk, you can grant the wishes your teachers have for their digital lessons. With ZuluDesk, your parents can support their children. With ZuluDesk, your students can focus on what they are supposed to be focusing on.

ZuluDesk, 100% education

  • Keep track of all schools in your organisation
  • Low costs, no surprises for the school board
  • Easy Mobile Device Management
  • Always up to date and ready for the latest iOS
  • Combine with UCS@school

About this app

ZuluDesk is a hosted solution. This app does not install ZuluDesk software. Nevertheless, it creates a user in your UCS domain in order to connect it to the UCS directory service and provides a short guide about how to configure your ZuluDesk account.


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Download UCS and activate ZuluDesk Connector directly from the App Center.

Further information

Liable to Costs with Free Trial
Available for UCS versions:
4.2, 4.3, 4.4