WebWeaver® School is a web-based learning platform for schools and school maintaining bodies. It simplifies the communication within schools, makes internal cooperation more efficient and supports classroom learning and individual furtherance. Especially developed for schools, the platform is easy-to-use and optimized for mobile devices. Digital media from other sources and Open Educational Resources are easily integrated as well as data f. ex. from class schedule systems. The advantages of WebWeaver® School as central learning platform for school maintaining bodies:

  • Broad range of tools for communication, cooperation and learning anywhere and at anytime
  • Direct integration of digital media and others learning resources
  • Enhanced communication with the schools
  • Security in financial planning: fixed expenses for hosting, support and updates (1,50 Euro per user and year)
  • Realization in the corporate design possible
  • Hosting in Germany, optionally in the computing centre of the school maintaining body

WebWeaver® School and UCS@school provide an integrated solution which fully complies with all requirements of modern school IT. The solution is immediately deployable and easy to maintain and to use:

  • Easy to deploy: The connection is created by the app WebWeaver® Connector at one click.
  • Easy to administrate: User accounts as well aas memberships to classes and groups are automatically synchronized between UCS and WebWeaver® School.
  • Easy to use: The users have one login for the local IT and the learning platform.

See for yourself and create here a free test account to WebWeaver® School:

  1. Request a test account to WebWeaver® School at: www.webweaver.de/ucs-test.
  2. Download the app WebWeaver® Connector here in the App Center.
  3. Install the app WebWeaver® Connector here at UCS. A step by step instruction will be provided after the installation.
App Provider: DigiOnline GmbH
Contact: support@digionline.de
Website: https://www.webweaver.de/ucs
Support: Available support options
License: Liable to Costs with Free Trial
Version: 2.0.0-4
Available for UCS versions: 4.1, 4.2
Vendor supported

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