The Relution Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) Suite is a comprehensive suite of products and services working together seamlessly to enable the management of mobile devices (MDM) and applications (MAM).

Its Freemium license model allows the unlimited use of up to 10 mobile devices without payment or credit card information. Easy and affordable per user licenses are available and can be activated online.

Relution provides easy management, configuration, security and monitoring of mobile devices running Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. The web based admin portal is used to apply various guidelines and ad hoc actions to these devices. Through a centralized internal app catalog, the administrator has full control and overview of all apps. Relution integrates the entire app lifecycle: app development, test and release processes and the management of the app on the mobile devices.

State-of-the-art support for Apple DEP, VPP, Samsung KNOX and KME allow for easy setup and management of large numbers of mobile devices. Connectors for LDAP and AD integration simplifies user and group management and are automatically configured in UCS. Relution's multi-tenancy capability lets you run hundreds of separate customers from a single server. Relution is available both as on-premise and in the cloud. 

For Education customers, Relution offers special features like a secure Shared Device Mode, local file share access, the automatic configuration of the Classroom app as well as a special education price model.

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