EDYOU® - The closed data protection compliant platform for your internal school exchange with file storage

EDYOU® as your own secure network allows teachers, students, the school administration and parents to communicate with each other. The platform is provided with a central cloud-structure and offers security and privacy protection at the highest level. With EDYOU® you are communicating in a secure environment. EDYOU® includes variegated functions, which simplify the organisation and communication in the everyday life at school.

EDYOU® is available for every school participant at any time and on every terminal device. So EDYOU® creates a secure environment for school administration and pedagogy.

EDYOU® offers:

  • messenger for the exchange between teachers, students, school administration and parents
  • file storage and exchange for the transfer of teaching content
  • learning management system for provision of learning content and an interactive class with familiar methodology
  • integration of learning materials, appointments and homework in class and learning groups
  • communicate your homework with only a few clicks with the module for homework
  • keep all your important appointments at a glance with your personal schedule and calender
  • high standard of data protection and transparent hosting
  • external learning content can be integrated into the class with digital learning content of third-party provider
  • additional functions for instance resource management system, survey tool, new LDAP interface, instance for school authorities or new import interface

The EDYOU® Connector App allows an easy way to configure the connection between UCS@school and your EDYOU® account. The connection with the EDYOU® connector app offers many advantages:

  • Easy connection between EDYOU® user data with the existing school-IT
  • Use the same login data for EDYOU® and your school-IT

The EDYOU® connector App is available for free in the Univention App-Center. An active EDYOU® account is required. If your school uses EDYOU®, the account is allocated by school administration.

App Provider: EDYOU GmbH
Contact: it@edyou.eu
Website: https://www.edyou.eu/features
Support: Available support options
License: Liable to Costs with Free Trial
Version: 1.2
Available for UCS versions: 4.1, 4.2
Vendor supported

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