Managing Digital Identities Centrally

UCS@school offers school authorities a hassle-free IT infrastructure that’s accessible to teachers and students wherever they are. With privacy-compliant user management and customized roles and permissions, it’s easy to deliver digital educational content efficiently. Plus, the system supports digital teaching and allows for a flexible combination of different IT services through open interfaces.

Efficient Cost Management
By centrally controlling UCS@school, you significantly reduce support and administration efforts, thus lowering costs. Save resources and money, and focus on advancing your educational IT.
Future-Proof Educational IT
Our Open Source solution makes you independent from individual vendors and enables seamless application integration. Your IT infrastructure remains adaptable and well-prepared for future requirements.
Secure Data & Identities
With UCS@school, you have complete control over user identities, data, and processes, offering maximum flexibility in managing your IT infrastructure, whether on-premises or with a service provider.

Managing School IT with UCS@school

UCS@school simplifies centralized, cross-school IT management. Securely integrate with existing school administration systems to maintain all identities in one place. Eliminate duplicate maintenance efforts and streamline IT use in the classroom. Delighted teachers enjoy smooth IT operations, freeing up more time for actual lesson planning.
IT Management

Shaping Digital Learning

Create your own educational portal for convenient, location-independent access to data, storage, and learning software. With self-service options like password reset and pre-made permission concepts, you ease the burden on schools and teachers, fostering digital learning. Pedagogical features such as computer lab management, exam mode, and material distribution enable modern teaching practices and communication.
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Children using computer in school

Easy Distribution of Learning Resources

With our ID Broker, school authorities provide school apps to their schools swiftly and privacy-compliantly. Integrated into UCS@school, the ID Broker enables teachers and students to centrally authenticate across various cloud services. The technical effort for provisioning and maintaining single sign-on connections decreases significantly, saving costs and resources.
Education UCS@school

Key Features of UCS@school: An Overview

User import ucs@school
User import ucs@school

Automatically import user data into our IAM system. Save valuable time by eliminating manual processes.

UCS@school IAM

Efficiently optimize school operations with pre-configured user roles for students, teachers, and administrators.

UCS@school Self Service

Reduce manual effort and enable teachers and students to reset their passwords themselves.

UCS@school Portal

Use an intuitively designed web interface to access all IT services, pedagogical features, and learning apps with just one login.

Integrations UCS@school

Integrate a variety of services and features, from Wi-Fi to e-learning and file sharing to communication tools like chat and video conferencing. Use standardized interfaces or pre-made connectors to easily combine these services or customize them individually.

Learning function UCS@school

With UCS@school’s pedagogical interface, teachers can easily share digital teaching materials with students’ computers. Additionally, the exam mode feature enables teachers to securely administer exams and tests in a digital format.

UCS@school Portal

Integrate existing learning management systems and school administration software effortlessly. This allows for easy provisioning of learning materials and simplifies the management and usage of educational content.

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AD - compatability final

With UCS@school, you can easily integrate Active Directory and other school server solutions for smooth hybrid operation.

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Prices and Subscriptions


from 300 User

Directory service / UCS@school import mechanisms

Single Sign-on portal for administrators and users

Integration of third-party applications

Centralized, unified WLAN authentication / RADIUS

School services included

4.20 €
/ net per user and year ³
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from 5.000 User

Directory service / UCS@school import mechanisms

Single Sign-on portal for administrators and users

Integration of third-party applications

Centralized, unified WLAN authentication / RADIUS

School services optionally bookable for € 1.05 / net per user and year

2.60 €
/ net per user and year ⁴
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³ The minimum order quantity is 300 users. School services are included in the price for up to 5,000 users.

⁴ The price applies from an order quantity of at least 5,000 users. Further graduated prices apply from 10,000 users and can be requested from our sales team.

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