Nagios is the standard Open Source monitoring system for automatic, continuous monitoring of IT infrastructures.

The software displays the current status of all the recognised routers, servers, services and switches on the network via a web interface and can perform different actions when critical statuses occur, such as sending e-mails or SMS messages.

Screenshot Nagios Status Webinterface
Screenshot of UCS 4.4: Nagios

Integration of Nagios in UCS

With UCS, the administration and use of Nagios is performed via the UCS management system. Thanks to the seamless integration of the Nagios packages provided by Univention into the UCS management system, the Nagios-specific computer properties are administrated directly in the computer objects and not in separate configuration files. These Nagios packages configure the monitoring of all the services installed on a UCS system amongst other things.
Additionally, Univention supplies a range of Nagios plug-ins, with which UCS-specific services such as LDAP replication and LDAP authentication or the validity periods of SSL certificates can be monitored centrally. These plug-ins are also suitable for use with existing Nagios installations.

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