Application Scenarios for UCC


Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is a flexible solution for the operation and administration of PCs, notebooks, and thin clients. The software is perfectly suited to use in both enterprises and institutions. It is a Ubuntu-based desktop environment optimized for business use, which can be managed conveniently via a web-based management console. Use of UCC as a Citrix client or managed Linux desktop also proves practical in many cases.

UCC as a thin client

You have a Citrix environment comprising XenDesktop or XenApp and want to access this environment remotely from a thin client. The user rights are administrated centrally.

Advantages of using UCC as a thin client

  • The Citrix Receiver Client for Linux is preinstalled and verified as Citrix Ready.
  • Access to RDP terminal services is integrated; additional clients can be added.
  • The rollout can be performed quicker and simpler thanks to the image-based procedure. Devices can be exchanged with minimal efforts.
  • UCC’s Ubuntu basis permits extensive support of a wide range of thin client devices and ensures reduced dependence on Windows-oriented thin client hardware.
  • Administrative efforts are reduced thanks to fully automatic installation and updates are managed centrally.
  • Commercial support is guaranteed by the provider for the client operating environment and its management via UCS.
  • UCC supports the construction of your own desktop images and thus allows customizing of the client in accordance with individual requirements. This is particularly interesting for large environments.
Univention_Management_Console_with _UCC

UCC as a managed Linux desktop

You want to introduce a centrally managed Linux desktop and keep the associated maintenance efforts as low as possible.

Advantages of using UCC as a managed Linux desktop

  • UCC reduces the administrative efforts required thanks to fully automatic installation, centralized update management, and consistent user and rights management via policies.
  • UCC is a centrally managed Linux desktop which is particularly well suited to use in environments where there are large groups of users with the same requirements on the desktop.
  • The use of Ubuntu LTS for the basis ensures a high degree of hardware support for PCs and notebooks.
  • Support for Linux desktop (for details, please see UCC Enterprise Support) is guaranteed.

Test Univention Corporate Client for free now

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